What is An Ignition Interlock Device

What Does An Ignition Interlock Device Do

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If you’ve been convicted of a drink driving offence once, then an ignition interlock device is one sure fire way of making sure that you don’t do it again . . . not for another six months at any rate. This device connects with the ignition system of your vehicle, or any other vehicle which you regularly operate and measures just how much alcohol there is in your breath. If you’ve been drinking the vehicle won’t start . . . simple as that, not until you’ve provided an acceptable sample of breath.

If you are ordered by a court to have an ignition interlock device fitted to your vehicle then it must be installed to all of the vehicles which you operate. It can’t be removed for at least six months either, and it will be included onto your driver license record. This sort of thing is taken very seriously by the New York State Police so don’t try messing about with it, prevention of accidents due to drink driving is much better than trying to live with the heartache afterwards.

Who Will Install The Interlock Device
If you are convicted of DWI or some other alcohol related traffic offence and ordered to have an interlock device installed, then you will also be referred to manufacturers and installers within your state. You’ll have to pay for the privilege mind you . . . . depending on the vendor it will cost around $100 for the installation, another $100 for removing it at the end of the 6 month period and around $100 per month in fees. All of those costs have to be furnished by the convicted drunk driver.
What If I Get My Passenger To Provide a Breath Sample For Me
Bad idea, for one thing you’re obviously trying to fool the system and there you go again, driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, and for another the ignition interlock device will require for you to give additional breath samples at random intervals. If you don’t give another sample or the breath sample shows a BAC of higher than .25 then this will be recorded by the device, the driver will get a warning and all hell will break loose .  . . . horns, alarms, you name it until you either switch off the ignition or provide a clean breath sample. Some of these devices are actually equipped with a built in camera so that there is always a photographic record of exactly who puffed into the tube.

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