How To Select A DUI / DWI Attorney

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If either yourself or a member of your family has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, then make no mistake you’re gonna’ need to find the best DWI attorney you can find. Drunk driving is a serious offence in all states, and it’s important to remember that even you got caught hook, line and sinker with a slur in your voice, a belly full of beer and mistook the arresting officer for the missus, in the eyes of the law you are presumed to be innocent until you are proven to be guilty. Don’t get too excited, very often DUI and DWI are pretty cut and dried cases, but that doesn’t mean that a good DUI / DWI Attorney can’t help to soften the blow a little.

How A DUI / DWI Attorney Can Help

A good DUI / DWI Attorney can help in three very important ways;

  1. Even if you do believe that you are guilty as sin of driving while under the influence of alcohol, you are legally presumed innocent until it is proved that you are guilty. If you find a good DUI / DWI Attorney they’ll be able to evaluate the strength of any proof which has been gathered against you, something you wouldn’t probably have the expertise to do yourself . . . even after you’ve sobered up.
  2. Any DUI / DWI Attorney worth their salt will also evaluate whether the police actually lawfully stopped you, or whether they overstepped the mark and their boundaries, leading to an unlawful arrest, test and charge. If you weren’t treated properly and your rights were violated then you may have no case to answer.
  3. Tolerance towards DUI and DWI offenders is diminishing, after all, you chose to drink alcohol and then drive your car . . . you chose to not only break the law but also put your life, and the life of others in very real danger.  A good DUI / DWI attorney can help to limit the amount of damage that the whole case will have on your life, and the life of your family. They will direct you towards help and counseling so that you’ll be well positioned to rebuild and restore your life afterwards . . . a good DUI / DWI attorney may also be able to minimize the penalties like jail and revocation.

I think that’s established that a good DUI / DWI attorney really can help, but how do you go about finding a DUI / DWI attorney?

Choosing The Right DUI / DWI Attorney

The very best idea is to choose a DUI / DWI Attorney who actually specializes in these types of cases, any old attorney will definitely not do. Lots of lawyers practice several different areas of law, but DWI is a serious offence, make no mistake about it, so if at all possible find an attorney who deals primarily with DWI cases.  Although these attorneys won’t be able to comment on individual cases, naming names and suchlike, they will gladly tell you about how many DUI / DWI cases they have handled in the past and how many of them helped the client to achieve a more favorable outcome. You need to find an experienced DUI / DWI attorney, someone who is skilled in courtroom negotiation. So what do you do when you think you’ve found such an example . . . ?

The first thing you need to do when you think you’ve found the right DUI / DWI attorney to handle your case is to set up a consultation, very often this will be free of charge but don’t be fooled, any DUI / DWI attorney who is worth his or her salt will not come cheap . . . should have thought about that before you drank that last bottle and picked up the car keys . . . so use your free consultation period wisely. Ask lots of questions about the case, ask the attorney just exactly how much experience they have with DUI / DWI cases, your DUI / DWI attorney will review your individual case and give some explanation about how he or she may be able to help you. They’ll explain what you should expect and how your case will be handled right down to the finest details, but they will not be able to give you any guarantees against the outcome of your case.

The best you can expect from your DUI / DWI Attorney is to come up with a great defense strategy resulting in a favorable disposition of your DUI case . . . you’re assured of a much better result than if you try going it alone anyway. Don’t be tempted to try and defend yourself, a DUI / DWI conviction is very serious and the stakes are far too high for you to risk that.

Hmmm, dubious advice to say the least, I think he’d better find himself a good DUI / DWI Attorney just in case.